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Which Water Softener?

Which water softener should you buy?  There are so many considerations before you choose which one to buy, it is well worth making sure you understand the difference between time controlled water softeners, meter controlled units, when and how each of softener regenerates and the cost of regeneration and salt used.  Do you have a preference for loose salt, block salt, tablet salt, and so on.

One you have an idea of the type of water softener you want, then you can look at different brands.

So which water softener do you choose?  Have a look at some of these below and maybe visit some of the water softener suppliers on this and other pages.

Aquadial Prismertec Water Softener

Kinetico Water Softener

Minimax Water Softener

Tapworks Water Softener

Waterside MC250 Water Softener



Aquadial Prismertec Water SoftenerCulligan Aqua-Dial Prismertec water softener


Culligan Softlife Hi-flo Aquadial Water Softener

The Aqua-Dial Prismertec is the ideal water softener for the smallest to the largest household  water for up to ten people. The Aquadial Prismertec, made by Culligan is the perfect answer to you water softener needs.


Kinetico Water Softener

Kinetico Water SoftenersKinetico Mach Series Water Softeners offer you high flow rates  saving on regeneration and water.  Compare Kinetico's warranty with other water softeners and you'll see on the the best warranty in the softener industry. Kinetico stands behind its products.  Many different Kinetico Mach Series Water Softeners are on offer. Contact Your local Kinetico Water Softener expert who will help you evaluate which softener is best for your home.


Minimax Water Softener

Minimax Water Softener


Minimax softeners are made in the UK and are one of the smallest, most effective, reliable water softeners worldwide.  Although the Minimax water softener is compact, it's has a side-valve for maximum softening. It takes very little space, works unobtrusively, and needs no mains electricity supply - Well done Minimax!


Tapworks Water Softener

Tapworks AD11

Tapworks AD11 Water Softener

  •  Low voltage electronics for reliability and safety.
  •  Upflow regeneration - using softened water - for efficiency.
  •  High flow rates as standard, to cope with today's modern mains-fed plumbing systems.
  •  High Performance water softeners with ultra-fine and solvent free resins.
Tapworks Ultra 9
Tapworks Ultra 9 Water Softener

Tapworks AD15
Tapworks AD15 Water Softener

Waterside MC250 Water Softener

Waterside MC350 Water SoftenerSuperseded by Culligan Waterside MC350 Ultra Hi-Flo Water Softener 

Culligan Waterside MC350

Beautiful simple and easy to use

With research and development at the heart of the MC350's design, it's inevitable that the unit is one of the simplest water softeners available today. Setting up your MC350 is as easy - just  set the time of day and the water hardness..